WINN-CO: Software Engineering and Production for Knowledge Communities

Communication comes before piece of information. Only when the communication is shaped built between the partners, information can be handed over. The team of WINN-CO concentrates on the most important interface in

the constellation between human being, organization and technology: the software.

The focus of WINN-CO is in the area of the technology development within the Hard- and Software area. As the service provider for different customers, we take care for the innovative surplus value if it is in the area of the neural networks, in the area of the information logistics and the knowledge management or in the area of the content production. We not only simply offer the ideas and concept work on that occasion, but we also provide the swiftest and above all pragmatic realization .

In addition, we offer Web and Intranet solution around extensive services. This includes the programming of web pages, producing and cares of data bases, the programming and integration of editing systems (user-just and automatic content care for different needs) as well as the not quite insignificant editing performances like texts produce, texts edit, editing contents plan and manage as well as all video and photo performances.

A price and accomplishment model interesting for many businesses creates WINN-CO on the basis of her/its/their organization form, the internationally working team, the direct access to scientific performances and resources. Additionally, businesses profit from our ideas and Coachingvariant. That is why we manage not only the extended workbench but we provide form of an integral service as well as we provide for the specification, the development and the commercial exploitation of constructed performances together.

The team of WINN-CO molded itself from existing project of the City-Computer Ltd, different Web, and Contentmanagement-Projekt, as well as the necessity is fast and efficiently important within interfaces to develop soft, and hardware-page into customers and to put these into practice. The dynamics of these projects continue the content and our customers can claim whatever.

Call on our performances and profit from our competitive advantages.


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