Our performances as offer for you

Essentially, WINN-CO offers the development, the distribution and the advice to software and editing system in the area. We are specialized on most different topics and our co-workers understand working with world-wide as with the demands of small and medium-sized companies.

Customers of WINN-CO expect an integral solution in any case, that begins already with the idea,:
    • Software development/engineering for special use in Intranet, Extranet and Internet
    • Rollout (test, documentation, installation, training and service)
    • Consulting/advice performance in the range of organizations development, information  management, infrastructure and Network security
    • Knowledge management (engineering and production)
    • Redaction (content management, theme concept and writing)

Customers of WINN-CO expect a project management on this basis that early can views goals, feasibility and long-termness .

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