Our competitive advantages for your benefit

As neutral service providers and advisors, we inform...

We are international and acting young team primarily made out of motivated developers, advisors and trainers, located in the middle - and east European area . We can offer adjusted nuclear teams, that scale according to status of the project and necessity or can be enlarged by specialists, accordingly of the requests of our customers and together implemented projects.

In addition, we have large management experiences at our disposal, that itself is yielded from big and small projects as well as of our co-workers.

Our particular strengths are basis subjects, our practice experience, the extensive knowledge of a differently composite team and the knowledge interconnected with it from many our general formation. Our ability such as the communication on different languages and cultures as well as the the connection with specialist is our knowledge.

We develop the spatial distances between our team units and our advantage. We communicate directly and very efficiently over internet. As quality-securing measure, we execute regular project and further education events to the team's development and to the continuous improvement.

Our motto: Not the stronger win but the faster. Not the better win but the more flexible.

Incidentally, our projects are always result-oriented. You can test us already in the specification phase.

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