References for us and our customers

We are a young company, that consists of internationally working teams. Accordingly, our reference list sees also out of consideration from our current projects. We collect the empirically established figures of our co-workers as well as of our already previously narrowly together working teams in order to give a small overview for it, at this place.

Our central references lie in the area of the software technologies, specifically this,

• Image processing
• Neural networks (basic technology for all others work methods)
• Linguistic (the text- and content analysis)
• Speech recognition
• Statistic and data department store
• Extended analysis method

In all this area, we walk step with partial Neuland since we convert results directly into practical and sale-pure systems from the scientific area in the order of our customers.

In the service sector of the editing systems, we have started with an individual editing system. The project experiences existing in the team within these areas transferred the main focus on the actual service providing of the editing work already early, specifically this of distribution - and technical editing work. We offer here:

   • Reduction concept
   • Text and reduction
   • Picture- and video processing
   • Web and brochure design
   • Communication plan
   • Consulting and coaching

In the area of the data processing and programming, we have not only simple programming experiences and corresponding language knowledge at our disposal. We have used it to handle mass data and to organize the administration of the mass data with such projects as rollout, training, and realization of Helpdes concept.
One can be surprised in the following days and weeks of the expansions.

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