Support of our customers

On these sides, registered customers get direct contact with our support and services information. Still this side is in the construction; however we want to point out the importance of these sides and our premature is included in our projects with some points.

In principle, we always ask a question: Do you know a system, that immediately is mastered by everyone, never goes broken or can never be delivered with late concept ?

We would not like to contribute further to the Information but invate you to Log on your self in the following one , if you are registered, or to use our further offers.

The areas offer of other case on these sides:
Frequent questions and answers
Services and maintenance

as our most important basis for each customer contentment and development.
With the collection of frequent questions and answers, the own team (including non-technicians from marketing and Sales) can be educated on the requests of customers. The internet offers the possibility to immediately publish and to equip with an intelligent system to the dialoging and to save costs.

The same services and maintenance is applicable also to the area. Because of the here reported mistakes, become structured and contact us so that the corresponding expert can earliest-possibly be approached and help can be organized in that way. Incidentally, the area can be increased of the value services and maintenance with a Tracking-System. News can so statistically be appraised and is recorded precisely for the entire term. This provides investment security and danger avoidance.

Ideas are eventually always in demand on our side. Beside the necessary innovation, the idea area provides priorities in any case, but can not at all be improved by continuous innovations.

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